All Rise! Unwritten Rulebook vs. Philadelphia Phillies Bullpen Binoculars! POLL!!

” All Rise!  Judge Morgan “Born by the Sea” Ensberg presiding!”

Next up is the Philadelphia Phillies using binoculars in the bullpen.  What do you think?


28 Comments on “All Rise! Unwritten Rulebook vs. Philadelphia Phillies Bullpen Binoculars! POLL!!”

  1. I chose other: “Yes, as long as Dallas Braden’s in on it” …’cause that would just be a can’t miss club.

  2. John says:

    I can’t wait to join the unofficial Unwritten Rule-Book Club..

    BTW, stealing signs is one thing, but doin it with binocs? Crafty stuff, Phils. It’s always silly in Philadelphia.

  3. Karen Guenther says:

    (1) I would like more details–was this a road game or an away game? If it’s a home game, I’m wondering why they wouldn’t be less obvious and instead watch the game on TV–the centerfield camera usually gives a decent shot of the catcher’s signals.
    (2) Stealing signs is nothing new; supposedly the Giants were stealing the Dodgers’ signals in the 1951 playoffs. Isn’t that one of the jobs of the first base coach, to try and see the signs? Or at least the runner on second base (at least I think that’s why the pitcher and catcher change sequence with a runner on 2nd)?
    (3) How do we know they were stealing signs instead of checking out the fans in the stands?

  4. teamlittleguy says:

    Don’t tase me, bro!!!

  5. jklender says:

    Will there be hot cocoa and throwpillows?

  6. PaulP says:

    So the bullpen guys steals the sign using his binoculars, does he then send the sign to the batter via a homing pigeon?

    Would a batter be able to refocus on the pitcher’s release point after focusing on a person in the bullpen giving signals?

    And if they called for a curve and the pitcher threw a fastball at their head because he saw them doing this, what are the odds the batter ducks prior to being hit? Not like the catcher needs to know what’s coming if he hits his target, right?

  7. Kelsey says:

    I remember sitting next to the visiting bullpen in Dodger stadium when the Reds were in town during the Nasty Boys days. Dibble and Co. had a GREAT pair of binoculars they used all game long. I couldn’t figure out how they were getting the Dodgers’ signs from blondes in the cheap seats.
    As long as the pen gets it done btwn the lines- they can shoot sunflower seeds at a paper cup all game long ala the Red Sox- it doesn’t really matter what they do as part of their “warmup process”.
    If catchers want to drop one finger for a fastball and 3b coaches do Belt-Bunt, Leg-Steal, then it’s the sign givers who are liable for putting their plans on a platter.

  8. Ashitaka says:

    Morgan, we have yet another one today; Carlos Lee pops up, slams his bat down, and Carp yells at him, Lee yells back, and the benches clear. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on all that, it seems much less obvious or cut-and-dried than binoculars.

  9. lisa gray says:

    speaking of carp/lee

    how often do pitchers yell at batters the way that carp was screaming at carlos?

    i know i sure nuff have seen plenty of times when hitters have missed a good pitch to hit/popped up yelling at themselves or just shouting words they aren’t supposed to show on tv, but not the pitcher yelling back at them

    i don’t see that a hitter cussin himself for missing a pitch is disrespectful to either the pitcher OR the game

  10. Dave says:

    If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying, and if you get caught, you ain’t trying hard enough.

    That said, I think binoculars are fine, but there’s a fine line between that and abusing the home field advantage and doing something like getting the CF camera man in on the action. That might be trying too hard…

    Anyways, I’m curious what you think, Morgan!

  11. Jim Kienzle says:

    As Danny Bonaduce said in his 94WYSP morning radio show, it’s Ok to steal second base but your not allowed to steal signs?!
    I agree. That’s why using the word “cheating” in an outraged tone with regard to steroid use always seemed funny to me.
    Cheating is a baseball tradition. Guys used to sharpen their spikes, put Vaseline and cuts on the ball to make a pitch do unnatural things, and
    I’m supposed to be outraged that the Phillies use binoculars from 400 feet away? Can’t any of 50000 fans do the same thing?

  12. Philly Peep show made Patriots Coach Belichick grunt: “That’s amateur hour…we’re working on a partnership with Google Earth!”

  13. Couch Tater says:

    I watched the Mets/Marlins game after this became news. Hanley Ramirez was shown looking through two paper cups taped together with athletic tape. Marlins sweep Mets. Hmm…

    Should Ramirez be fined Should I be fined for watching the Mets/Marlins?

  14. Joshua says:

    When I was catching, I used to steal the third base coach’s signs all the time. It was an edge. If they weren’t clever enough to conceal ’em better, they’re out there for anyone to read. Of course, I never had binoculars under my mask – never needed ’em that close!

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