Ensberg Sighting and Questions! Get This…

Hey Guys!

I want you to know that I have not forgotten about you.  In fact, part of my time away has been about you.  But that may come a little later.  For now, why don’t we get back to some baseball and answer some of the main questions I have seen you come up with.

1.  Jeff wrote:  I have a question for you Morgan. Reading your blog, you have shown a great mind for strategy and the social game in the clubhouse. It seems to me that someone with your baseball smarts would make a fantastic manager if you were given a chance. Have you ever thought of managing?

Jeff I would love to manage.  It doesn’t seem as easy as one would think.  I am not sure how teams go about finding talent to manage, coach, or be in the front office.  If we lived in a perfect world I would be able to find a mentor who could guide me to where my talents fit the best.

2.  Tim wrote:  Why do batters so frequently take called third strikes with men on base and the game on the line? Swing the stinking bat.

This probably has many answers, but I think there are usually 3 main reasons.  The first is that the were not ready to swing the bat.  Their hands weren’t back or they weren’t ready to “fire” which results in not seeing the ball as early.  The second is that they guess and the guy throws something else.  The third is that the umpire previously didn’t call that pitch so he laid off of it.

3.  K9 asked:  – is it coincidence or grand plan that many former Astros go to philly?

I don’t know.  My speculation is that Ed Wade is most familiar with the Philly players or he is trusting of the people inside that organization.  I can understand that.  Some teams seem to have relationships where they trade a lot.  As I was coming up, it seemed like every trade the Astros made was with Detroit.

4.  Bo asked:  Do you have any stories about cards of yourself or of other players?

I sure do Bo.  There is a card out there with Adam Everett’s face on it.  What do you have on that one?

5.  My kids asked:  Dada, can we go to the batting cage?

I tell them that we can go to the batting cage.  It is really cool that they like to play baseball although I wouldn’t care if they didn’t like it.  My dad has been asked numerous times, “What did you do that helped Morgan get to the Big Leagues?”  His answer, “Is you boy asking you to go to the park and play or are you asking him to go and play at the park?”

16 Comments on “Ensberg Sighting and Questions! Get This…”

  1. gayle says:

    Mised your stuff MOrgan. Thanks for the answers to the questions. Thanks for the called third strike answer it is always frustrating as a viewer to see that with a batter. Your answers make a ton of sense especially often times I think you are right players are sitting on a certain pitch and the pitcher plan outsmarts them.

  2. Jarred M says:

    As usual your answers seem to have good thought into them. I think managing would be a good fit since you have such a solid cerebral approach. Although, getting paid for watching and talking about games doesn’t seem too bad either. I love that comment by your dad too it makes total sense.

  3. Ian says:

    That’s funny what you said about Houston trading with Detroit. I remember in the late ’90s when it seemed like Houston, Detroit and San Diego had some sort of three-way partnership. I figure it was because Tiger GM Randy Smith used to hold that position with the Padres and his father Tal worked in the Astros’ front office.

    • jklender says:

      Bingo. Often with some of the same players involved. Doug Brocail probably felt like he was on a merry-go-round.

  4. K9 says:

    You would be a great manager ( of course, i am biased 😉 )
    Could Baggy more or less mentor you? He would be a great manager, too- and it seems he is on his way as the new batting coach. Do you have enough contact with him still that that would be an option?

  5. Susan says:

    Agree with K9 – Seems like it’s something to chat with Bagwell about in the off season – maybe you can finally pick up the tab. 🙂 Just GUESSING, I’d think that starting out with coaching and then managing minor leaguers would be a way in. Develop youngsters, then come up the chain with them. Would give you a chance to help them turn into the right kind of players – not just talented jerks.

    • Susan that is good stuff. I have learned my lesson with tabs. If Bagwell is there I will never even come close to looking at that bill. If the server puts it anywhere near me I will redirct that thing so fast!


  6. teamlittleguy says:

    Good stuff, Morgan. You’re one of the most responsive bloggers out there and your perspective is always appreciated.

    Glad to hear you’re getting some QT with the kids. That would be so much harder to do if you were managing.

    • TLG we went camping with the family! This city kid slept in a tent 4 nights! It was great!


      PS Thanks for the compliment. I don’t think of myself as a blogger, but I guess I am. I’m cool with that.

      • teamlittleguy says:

        That’s very cool! I love camping, and can’t wait for the weather to cool off a little bit to do it again. Glad to hear it was fun.

  7. Ashitaka says:

    Everyone seems to think that Ausmus will someday be an elite, genius manager, so maybe you can just ask him to put in a good word for you if someone ever talks to him about it. I would think that at least the Astros would keep you in the backs of their minds if they ever had a coaching position. Maybe coaching at the High School level would be good start as well.

  8. Ed Cardenas says:

    I can’t get enough of this site. Morgan, thanks for replying to my email. Its really refreshing to find athletes that actually take time to respond to fans emails. So many out there seem to forget those that cheered for them and you somehow found a way to stay connected to them and allow them “in” the game.

  9. Play at the Plate says:

    I just discovered your blog from a link on another blog. It’s a refreshing look at baseball from a side most of us will never experience. Thanks for sharing!

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