Playoff Predictions

Who is Going to Win?

In February of this year I got a chance to be on Baseball Tonight.  They asked me to pick 3 teams who I thought had the best pitching staff’s.  I chose, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and St. Louis.  But I went a step further.  I told them that those teams also were my picks to win their divisions.   We will see how if they come out on top.

Now it is your turn.  You tell me who you choose and why.  Not some long explanation.  Just a sentence or two about the 3 teams you pick.  Cool?


32 Comments on “Playoff Predictions”

  1. Mads Joensson says:

    Best pitching staffs overall: SF Giants, St Louis Cards and Texas Rangers. Best rotation: Boston Red Sox, St. Louis and San Diego. Best bullpen: NY Yankees, TX Rangers and SF Giants.
    A little more than 3 words, a little more than 3 teams. Sorry about that. Think Boston and Cards are the only teams not winning their divisions.

    • Mads that was perfect! Good calls. Remember that the Padres might have the best “bullpen” in the league. If they can just get out of the West they have a chance.

      Morgan of Norway

  2. teamlittleguy says:

    San Francisco, Cincinnati and Philly (as a Braves’ fan, I just broke out in hives typing that last one …)

    AL West is pretty much settled – I’ll take the Yanks & Twins in the two still-contested races.

  3. Bill says:


    The Rangers win the ALW based on their consistent play all season. In spite of their current 5-game skid, the injury to JH, and Cliff Lee’s possible health concerns (he is starting Sat or Sun by the way), their momentum, depth, and one day at a time attitude takes them to the ALCS vs. the Bombers.

    The Phillies do it again thanks to finally waking back up! With Lidge a bit better, the addition of Roy-O (sadly for me), and the offensive production returning throughout the line up, The Phils hold off Atlanta to win the NLE.

    The Cards should be poised to win the NLC. Like I said, “Should be!” Who expected Pete Rose’s Reds to become the perennial powerhouse in the NLC this year? I didn’t, but Votto rocks! It is supposed to be the first 50 games for them, and then drop into the cellar like normal! With about 24 games left and 6 back of the lead, I think the Cards may miss it this year… Even though I picked them!

    FREE PETE ROSE! Man I love this game!

  4. lisa gray says:

    agree with you about the best pitching staffs. BUT just like the astros 05, you need hitters and (just like the astros 04) relievers

    NL west – too close to call – probably padres because their hitters are better than the dodgers
    NL central – reds
    NL east – philly – i’ll take roy-o and doc over huddy and jurjens

    AL – don’t care very much, but unfortunately the yankee hitters are incredibly better than the rays hitters even though their pitching isn’t better, except for CC

  5. Karen says:

    For division winners: Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and San Diego in the NL, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and Texas in the AL. Phillies have the pitching with Halladay, Hamels, and Oswalt (but are still a bit shaky in the bullpen). Cincinnati will be able to hold off St. Louis with pitching and hitting, especially since Joey Votto is having a career year. I’m picking San Diego over San Francisco just on a gut feeling–for some reason, I like the fact that they are overachieving and that the plans to “blow up the team” in the trade market (by dumping Adrian Gonzales and others) didn’t materialize.

    For the AL, as a Red Sox fan I am loathe to pick the Yankees–so I’m going with Tampa Bay, even though they have issues with pitching (as do the Yankees). Twins will hold off all comers in the Central (I don’t see Manny Ramirez making that big an impact in Chicago), and Texas will win the West (even though they are slumping a bit right now).

  6. JD says:

    Yankees, Phillies and Padres – only because I am partial to former Astros (Berkman, Oswalt, Lidge, Pettitte, Tejada)

  7. polfro says:

    Tampa–better pitching than the Yanks
    Texas–by default

    Philly–too much experience
    Cincy–St. Louis weaker and more divisive than them
    S.D.–Finding pitching legs again by facing hitless Dodgers.

  8. Nick says:

    Al-Yankees, Rangers, White Sox in 163, wildcard Rays
    NL- Phillies, Reds, Padres, wildcard Rockies

  9. K9 says:

    twins- have unfinished business from last year
    padres- my early season pick to play the series against….TA DA…!
    Rangers- like the slogan says ‘it’s time’ they have caught the lightning in a bottle and this is the year.

  10. Ian says:

    NL West: Padres (I think it’s going to be extremely close between all three teams, so I’ll go with my gut on this one.)

    NL Central: Reds (Their lead is big enough and their remaining schedule easy enough.)

    NL East: Braves (They have more depth than the Phillies and more home games remaining. The final October three-game series between the two contenders in Atlanta may be what clinches it for the Braves.)

    AL West: Rangers (They have a strong lead and no serious challenger.)

    AL Central: Twins (It pains me to say it as a White Sox fan, but I think the Twins just edge out the Sox.)

    AL East: Rays (The Yankees may be ahead now, but their starting pitching is thin and they have a tough remaining schedule.)

  11. gayle says:

    NL East Phillies BUT only if their Bullpen doesnt implode

    NL Central – Reds easier schedule and Votto

    NL West – for a division that use to have reps under .500 great division at the top this year

    AL East – Have to stick with my Yanks if Pettitte gets healthy, great BP addition of Wood

    AL Central – Twins unless starters dont hold up

    AL West – Rangers they seem to have too much of a lead strong team surprise pitcher of the year CJ Wilson

    AL Wild Card – Tampa Bay they have great pitching but at times can’t hit worth anything missed chance to pick up a bat at deadline

    NL Wild Card Atlanta Bobby cox deserves one more shot

  12. unclemoe says:

    I had the Cubbies winning the Central. Oops.


  13. Ooph says:

    Can I just use your picks? You know, so I can sound somewhat intelligent on the subject of baseball?

  14. Drew says:

    Best offense: NYY
    Best rotation: SF
    Best bullpen SD
    Best defense: TB
    Best theoretical team at preventing runs: SD

    My predicted 8 playoffs teams from spring training:

    ALCS: NYY vs SEA
    NLCS: SF vs STL
    WS: NYY vs SF with NYY repeating

    What I think now:

    ALCS: NYY vs TB
    NLCS: SF vs CIN
    WS: TB vs SF with TB coming home a winner this time

    Call me crazy, I’m aware Philly has the best NL record right now. I’m aware that SF/SD are a game behind Atlanta for the wild card each. In fact, I’m aware that the Yankees have a really good team. My problems with the Yankees is they are CC “I get lots of run support and can log innings, but I’m not necessarily the best pitcher” Sabathia and then 4 question marks, 3 if Pettitte returns healthy. Their bullpen is the greatest closer of all time and a bunch of question marks. My problems with Philly is their pitching is 2 1/2 awesome pitchers and 2 1/2 question marks, their offense has been injured a lot this year and I don’t know if they can make it a 3rd time down the stretch. Their bullpen is one big question mark in itself.

    Despite Tampa Bay’s lack of consistent offense or consistent pitching, I think they have more of what makes a “team”. San Francisco has good pitching and decent offense, but I think they lack miserably in defense when they’re playing on average 4 DH players on the field a night (Burrell, Huff, Guillen, Sandoval) and then their other players aren’t exactly gold glovers either (Torres, Uribe, Renteria) in fact their only good defenders in my mind are Posey and the pitchers. I’m sure I’ll be wrong by the end of October on more than one part of my predictions though, but thats whats fun about life.

  15. Drew says:

    Two more things. Yes I’m aware Edgar Renteria is a former gold glover, but thats not the case anymore. I’m also aware that Freddy Sanchez is a solid defender, but hes not their every day 2B I believe. Also, while my knock on Sabathia is that he’s not a great pitcher he just logs innings behind a mammoth offense and keeps leading the league in wins. As soon as the Yankees run into a slump and/or solid pitching, Sabathia is going to get torched in the playoffs this year again. Then again, the Yankees played it pretty smart last year and didn’t exhaust him like the Indians & Brewers did. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong, but I’m usually close on these things.

  16. dts317 says:

    I’ll go with the Devil Rays in the AL East due to their young core of players, the the Phillies have too much offense not to win the NL East, and finally the surprise team of the year, the Padres. I think their pitching, defense and small ball tactics edge out the Giants by a hair.

    Morgan, Speaking of the Padres, I’ve been a die hard Padres fan for 27 years. Can you speak at all to your stint with the team in 2007? It seems like that squad would have done some damage in the playoffs if not for a series of unfortunate events to close out the year.

  17. Ashitaka says:

    Staffs: Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Atlanta
    Rotations: Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco
    Bullpens: Texas, Atlanta, New York

    Most of the playoff teams have at least one weakness (bullpen for Philly and St. Louis, offense for San Francisco and Atlanta, rotation for Twins and Rangers, etc.), but not the Rays or the Yankees. IMO, whichever of those two teams beats the other, wins the World Series.

  18. flyd says:

    Here’s how I see it:

    NL East Phillies vs. NL Central Reds: I think the Phillies will win out, because their lineup is deeper than the Reds.

    NL Wildcard Braves vs. NL West Padres: I believe the Braves rotation is deeper and stronger than the Padres.

    AL Central Twins vs. AL East Yankees: The Yankees are strong and deep………they’ll feast on the Twins.

    AL Wildcard Rays vs. AL West Rangers: I think it’s a toss up, except, I believe the Rangers will win out in a tough series!

    Championship Series:
    NL East Phillies vs. NL Wildcard Braves: I strongly believe that the Phillies lineup is so much better than the Braves!

    AL West Rangers vs. AL East Yankees: Rangers vs Yankees………..Yankees are just too strong!

    2010 World Series:
    New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies: I like the Phillies, and miss Oswalt, I think he’ll be the difference, doing relief, playing the outfield, and somehow Oswalt will win the World Series MVP……..beating out the evil empire in game 7!

  19. Trey says:

    Morgan Ensberg!! I’m a diehard houston astros fan and I was obsessed with the team back when you played for them… I used to love watching you and adam everett play 3B & SS.

    Then when everyone was down with an injury in 2005 you stepped up and became the team’s cleanup hitter, basically carried us to the playoffs with the best offensive season by the Astros.

    Then you did really well in the playoffs you had like 5 RBI in the 1st or second playoff game against the Braves that year then even in the 14th inning of our elimination game in the 05 World Series you made an amazing diving stop and turned a double play that momentarily saved us from elimination….

    Good luck with your broadcasting career… I know you made lots of fans beacause you signed more autographs than anyone on the team so hopefully it works out!

  20. El Jefe says:

    Gigantes only because I hate them so much. Braves come from behind and Cincy runs away with it.

    Yanks b/c they are the Yanks. Twins and Rangers have it locked up. Tampa will met the Yanks in the ALCS.

    Now shine my shoes pledge. Shouldn’t you be studying?

  21. Troyboy says:

    I would have to say that the Giants have the best pitching in the NL after this collapse of starting pitching from the Padres. With that said I do think the Padres just had that moment that sparks them into the playoffs with that three run home run by Ludwick in the 9th last night. Plus the Padres bullpen is better than anyones. As a Padre fan the Rockies are really really scary and tulo is playing out of his mind. But the Phills are playing well and I think they wrap up the East, and the Braves take the wild card in the NL.

    • Good calls Troyboy. I am going to stick with my call in the beginning of the season and say the Giants in the West. But the Rockies are incredible in September. They are very dangerous.


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