Sirius/XM Tryout

Sirius/XM MLB Radio Tuesday 8pm Eastern/5 Pacific

Welcome to the 2011 season!  A lot has happened since last season.  But first I have great news!  I am getting a chance to tryout for a Radio Show on Sirius XM Radio.

Here is what is going down.  I have a 2 day tryout starting on Tuesday night at 8 PM Eastern/ 5 Pacific.  The host is Mike Farrin and we will be taking calls about all of the questions that you have about this coming season.


What I think is cool about this is that I am telling you that I am in an actual tryout.  It is rare that anyone ever alerts you to this fact.  Being the realist that I am, I love that you get a chance to see if I am good or bad.  Most are afraid of feedback, but we have learned here that I encourage it.  It is the only way for me to get better.

My request from you

Can you listen to the show and tell me what I am doing well or what I am messing up on?  I understand that this is an unusual request in that most players don’t want to know your opinion at all, but I want to be on a show that actually speaks to your questions.

The show is on XM 175 and Sirius 210.

Over and out…….



25 Comments on “Sirius/XM Tryout”

  1. teamlittleguy says:

    Morgan: I don’t have Sirius/XM so I will not be able to listen. Just wanted to say good luck – I’m sure it will go very, very well!

    Looking forward to the upcoming season and all its twists and turns!

  2. Teri says:

    i don’t have Sirius or XM–but will be praying you get the job! you’ll be great!

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks for letting us know what yoru doing.Can’t wait to listen to the show.

  4. gayle says:

    Good luck will definitely listen . Mike Farrin is actually really good I have listened to him recently a lot more driving home from work and he listens to people talk rather than argue loudly which is always a good thing. They have paired him recently with a lot of ex players Jeff Nelson, Tom Gordon and he always seems to bring out the best of them and really listens to their perspective.

  5. Ryan says:

    Great news Morgan! I’m rooting for you. Good luck. They’ll be lucky to have you.

  6. Jason Austin says:

    Any chance this show will be published as a podcast on Itunes after it’s done? There are a few other Sirius/XM shows that do that.

    Looking forward to hearing you.

  7. timmy! says:


    Will it be available on podcast afterward?

    I have XM, but I’ll be in class for the start of it.

  8. Karen says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t get Sirius, or I would help you out. Good luck with it; I know you’ll do fine. Just be yourself.

  9. Linda says:

    BEST of luck to you Morgan. You’ll BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will listen.

  10. Ryan W. Kasten says:

    Good luck to you – as others have stated, I would like to be able to download a podcast of these appearances if they will be available.

  11. Wendy says:

    Morgan, I love listening to you when you’re on the channel so I’m sure you’ll do a great job. I listen to the MLB Network all day at work, but not in the evening. I’m gonna record it and playback in the morning and will leave you some feedback. I’m sure you’ll be awesome!!

  12. Bobbye Adams says:

    Praying and anxious to listen, Morgan!!! Houston misses you!

  13. Ryan says:

    Good luck!! Btw, over & out is incorrect. It’s either over or out. Sorry, just a peeve of mine from being in communications in the army.

  14. Larry says:

    I think you sounded great. I listen to the station every day, and thought you fit in nicely. My only complaint is that too many former players on XM/Sirius talk like they’re afraid of offending other MLB names, so please don’t become like that. Fans love some moves, hate others, and aren’t afraid to say when something (or somebody) stinks. So keep it real, and I hope you get the gig!

  15. Lou says:

    I listen to XM 175 quite a bit and thought you did very well. Very pleasant and knowledgeable and with humor. Better than other players who have been on with Mike like Tom Gordon and Jeff Nelson. I really hope you they give you a chance.

  16. Mark L says:

    So what was your big Yankee-related announcement?

  17. MJM says:

    Four months since your last post? And now you need our input? Really?

    • MLM I don’t even get the joke, but cool. I didn’t do any off-season or World Series stuff because I don’t want to be lame and boring. But I am getting stories together and I always want to know your opinion. Good or bad, it is how I get better.


  18. Cliff says:

    I thought it was an incredible failure. You try and drum up interest in your show by lying that you have a big Yankee related announcement that you have to speak with your lawyer about and then say Jeter was taking early BP. What a joke.

    I originally thought this site was very cool. It was refreshing to get a point of view from a player but I do find this ploy to generate listeners as incredibly annoying and childish.

    • Well Cliff that wasn’t great to read. My point must not have been as clear as I hoped. The media seems to trick its readers with stories that don’t mean anything. The Jeter story was just an example. When I saw that the AP Newswire sent out a story that only said, “Jeter took batting practice” I was upset. Stories like that are belittling to fans. In other words, they are making a story about something that is done by every single player and they are tricking you into thinking it is important.

      Please understand that I was not trying to upset you. My gripe is with that sort of reporting.


      • Cliff says:

        Fair enough Morgan and I appreciate the response and explanation. Apologies if I was unfair in my reaction as well.

        I agree that stories like that are belittling but Ben Shpigel’s write up on exactly what Long and Jeter are working on was outstanding. Either way, I obviously missed the point and saw it as a ploy to generate listeners with the whole “lawyer” slant and was wrong.

        • Cliff you will see over time that I am a laid back guy who gets fired up when people are mislead. The point I was trying to make was that media has us all on the edge of our seats over nothing. It isn’t wrong.

          In other news, what would you like me to write about on this blog?


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