Sirius XM MLB Radio Verdict

Well we did it!  MLB Radio is hiring me to do shows for the 2011 season.  This is very exciting for a few reasons.   First, I love interacting with people who love baseball.  Second, I am able to do this job from anywhere in the country.  More on that.  Finally, I am excited about readers to drive the conversation.  But how about I talk about the experience?

They are in Washington DC, you will be in San Diego

Technology is amazing.  MLB Radio rented out a small studio in San Diego for me to do the test shows.  The studio was about 10 feet by 10 feet.  It was one of many inside KFMB Studios in San Diego.  The room had a large consol with a bunch of bottons and lights on it.  There were 3 screens and 2 computers next to the consol.  Outside of that was a CD or DVD Player and another stereo sized box.  It reminded me of the amplifier that my brother Larsen used when he would fire out Pantera and Metallica on his guitar when we were growing up.

After taking a look at the room and situating myself, the manager of the station told me that everything was ready to go.  The “lines” are hooked up with your guys in DC.

Moments later I heard, “Morgan?…..Morgan?”  I have never heard God’s voice, but I was certain that God had a deeper voice than that.  No, it isn’t God, it is coming from the speakers on the consol.  Ah….what button do I push to tell the mystery voice that I am here?  I’ll try the one that says “Talk.”  I pushed the button, channeled Han Solo from Star Wars and said, “Ahhhhh….Situation normal.  Everything under control….”  Laughter came from the speakers as Mike Ferrin, the host of the show, greeted me.

Mike told me that we would try and hook up Skype so that we can see each other.  Of course there was a problem, I wasn’t given a password to the wireless network so we would be doing this, “blind.”  In other words, I would not see Mike and he would not see me during the show.  This makes interviews and conversation a little tricky.  In the end, Mike is a pro so he made everything very easy for me.  He comes well prepared which is a blessing to me.  If you haven’t noticed, I am a person who does a lot of homework.  Why don’t I describe what I did for these 2 shows?


I read a lot.  I read  every headline on Yahoo Sports.  I will then check Fox Sports for article’s to see if they have anything that Yahoo didn’t.  After I read the news, I opened up my spreadsheet and start adding to the information.

My spreadsheet is where I put all of my information.  Since I am analytical, I have the information put in the same order according to each teams name in alphabetical order.  When I click on the team name, a bunch of information is right in front of me.  I have all of the players stats from the previous year and also any awards that they won.  If there is a story about a certain guy then I highlight his name and write the story in a column dedicated to news.  At the top of the page is the GM and Owner’s name along with the teams payroll.  Next to the owner’s name is a box that tells me how he made his money, how much he bought the team for, and quotes that they make specifically about their team’s payroll.  Below that are the players and their stats.  Next to their names are their current salary and service time.

Once that is finished, I add and subtract news as the season progresses.  It isn’t perfect at all, but it is familiar and allows me to navigate a lot of information quickly.  I am in the process of adding the top prospects information since more of you fans are asking questions about that.

Next up is Twitter.  This is the single best most amazing resource for information about baseball.  I ask readers what I should talk about and in seconds you tweet back answers.  If you have ever heard me on tv or the radio, you should know that there are 2 conversations going.  The first is the obvious.  It is the conversation that I am having with the host.  The second is the Twitter conversation that I am having with those who follow me.  People who follow me on twitter will ask a question and I try and “weave” it into the current conversation on the “air.”  It is fun and makes me feel like some sort of spy who is speaking in code.

Now what?

The guy who put this all together is Executive Producer Brent Gambill.  He is the one who contacted me about doing the show and did all of the logistics.  We are now waiting for signatures from Sirius XM so that I can start.  While we wait on that, I asked if I could do other shows.  It would be short sighted of me to wait on signatures.  My goal is to be better each time I get on the air.  So be on the lookout.  I will update you if I get to do any shows.


31 Comments on “Sirius XM MLB Radio Verdict”

  1. Josh says:

    Congrats on the new gig!

  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Morgan! I know you’ll do a great job. Keep us posted on your activities–and, if you’re still taking classes at USC, good luck this semester!

  3. Marty Cunningham says:

    Fantastic! Congratulations, Morgan. Can’t wait to hear you call some games.

  4. Teri says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, MORGAN! never had a doubt you would wow ’em!

  5. Giacomo Ortizano says:

    Great news, Morgan! You deserve the air time.

  6. Dan Watson says:

    Great to hear, Morgan. I’ll keep an eye on your twitter and try to make some contributions!

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  8. Linda says:

    So VERY excited for you! I knew they would love you. Break a leg, or knock ’em dead or whatever they say in radio world to wish you all the best of luck in your new job. Don’t forget all of your fans out here in your blog land. Hope you keep this blog current so we can keep up with you. I’ll let Jesus know just in case he has not heard the news. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!

  9. Bertil says:

    Congrats Morgan, much deserving!

    From an oversees fan with no chance of getting Sirius XM, do you know if any of the content will be available as a podcast or otherwise online?

    • Bertil I don’t know if the shows are recorded. I know that you can listen online, but I think you have to pay. I will have to figure something out. Maybe they will let me record the shows and play them on my blog! That would be cool.

      So where in the world are you? I think it is really cool that we can connect from far away.


      • Bertil says:

        Hi Morgan,

        That would indeed be cool! 🙂

        I’m from the generally baseball-deprived Sweden.

        Been a huge fan of the Astros and you since a cable company here picked up MLB games for the 2004 season.

  10. V says:

    Congrats, Morgan! It will be great listening to you!

  11. Pete G. says:

    Congrats, man!!

  12. Geyer says:

    Congratulations!! I will spring for Sirius in the house now so I don’t have to sit in the car and listen to you!

    And keep teaching on the blog…I grew up in a place where football reigns supreme…not even a high school baseball team!

    Best always, Geyer

    PS Send your wife this way more often! I just love her!

  13. Charlie Poor says:

    Morgan, thanks for the update. You may not remember but we met briefly in the Pastoral Suite at HFBC when you were with the Astros (I am the guy in the wheelchair). I am the Minister of Counseling Emeritus at HFBC, and continue there as a “consultant” in several areas. Keep up the good work. I wish you well as you continue to grow in your new
    “profession.” Thankfully, MLB trips to Flordia and Arizona close at hand. Be assured of my prayers for you and your family.
    Charlie Poor

  14. Adam says:

    Hey Morgan. Congratulations! I’m a longtime astros fan, and a friend of one of your former teammates in the minors, pitcher Jeremy Ryan. Anyway, I was checking on you to see where you were these days and stumbled upon your it! Jeremy told me what a great teammate you were, how hard you worked, and genuine guy. I wish you nothing but the best. I was wondering if you ever use as a resource? And, if you have time, I was wondering which teammate you were closest friends with when you were with the astros?

    • Adam, I probably look at it twice a week during the season. It seems a little reckless to me. There are a lot of “unnamed source” type articles that they pull from all of the writers in the different markets. It is just so tough to tell what is true and what is “fluff.”


  15. Deaner says:

    I haven’t checked in lately so I’m just now reading this but a congrats is in order nonetheless.

  16. Tracey says:

    I am so excited for you! You are very deserving of the position. Good luck to you and may you have all the success in the world.

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