Long Time…No Talk

I’m back!  Lots has been going on since my last post.  Here are some updates.

First, I have been doing college games for ESPNU and FOX Sports.  It has been amazing.  College baseball is the best to cover if you ask my opinion.  The reason?  College baseball is not like Major League Baseball at all.  Because college players are learning the game, they are able to use plays that usually wouldn’t be as effective in pro ball.  This has to do with two factors.  The first is professional pitching.  The second is that college defenders are learning how to defend against “small ball.”  Because of these factors, the game will show you something you haven’t seen before.

The second job I have found was with Sirius/XM.  Get this…  Sirius sent me this receiver about the size of an old cassette player.  I plug it into the computer and poof…I’m on the air.  I do a show called MLB Roundtrip.  It is the last show of the day and I love it.  Mike Ferrin is my co-host and he is doing the show in Washington DC.  Can you believe technology?  Our show is Monday through Saturday from 8 to 12 PM PST.  Check us out on XM 89 or Sirius 209.  Heck…call in and we will have a party!  Maybe we can Skype it?  Who knows?

Finally, I started selling sporting equipment for Sport Chalet.  My wife’s family friend is a former pro baseball player named Randy Swank.  Randy offered me a job and is now my first “real” boss!  My job is to go around to high schools, colleges, pro teams, youth sports, or businesses and sell uniforms and any other sporting equipment you can think of.  And when I mean everything…I’m talking football uprights to undershirts.  Any sport…any thing.


There is a really good school in El Cajon, Ca named Christian Union High School.  Their Athletic Director is a guy by the name of David Beezer.  He is a former college football player and he has really helped me out.  I sat down in his office and just asked him what I should be doing.  He told me to be honest and transparent.  He told me to be there to help him make decisions when he has to make orders.  It was incredible advice.

I would love to be able to help other people but I don’t know where to go or what to do.  So I am ready….let me have it.

What do I need to learn?

Have a great week team!


PS… I am also working on another layout for the website.  If you have any advice there, I would love it as well.
PSS… I’m looking for a new “14” logo for the site.  As you know, I love simple.  If anyone has some cool ideas for the logo then let me know.

15 Comments on “Long Time…No Talk”

  1. Dan Watson says:

    Glad to hear things are going well, Morgan! I don’t have Sirius/XM, but list the phone number somewhere and I’ll call in with something (un)intelligent.

    As for starting in sales, head to gitomer.com. Grab his book, The Sales Bible. Great, great stuff that you can use as you read it and it is easy to read; not a typical sales book at all.

    Take care!

  2. Morgan,
    I would like to talk to you about the Minor League Baseball Alumni Association. My contact information is on our website. Give me a call and let’s talk about using the AA to get more kids playing the game. Thanks.

  3. Joseph Scott says:


    Good luck in the new ventures.

    I belong to a kayak, canoe and sailing club in the NYC area. If you cover water sports and the NYC area, can you send me a catalog or other information, and I’ll get it to the President of the club with a plug.



  4. lisa gray says:

    hi mo,

    glad you are enjoying the broadcasting. you on kind of late for me, sorry to say.

    college baseball is different – have gone and watched a few u of H games – it’s hardly fair to compare them to ML players – i get too frustrated and have to keep reminding myself that they are just kids and don’t know how to play very well.

    but if my astros are sold to jim crane, it will be a disaster of unmitigated proportions and the team will sink even deeper into the morass of suckage than it currently is and i will lose any remaining care about the team’s existance. I know you can’t make any negaative remarks about bud selig or how the ML owners don’t care what happens to franchises as long as the new owner is someone whose main interest is not paying the players.

    did you finish your college degree? are you still coaching at your college?

    would love to have you review the may 15th astros/mets game and give your opinion of what went down in the 5th inning. (it wasn’t good)

    good luck selling stuff. you have a good personality and seem helpful. you should do just fine

  5. Mo –

    Excited for the possibilities in your future! You know you can always call me for advice and to be a sounding board. That is, if you haven’t deleted me from your speed dial!

    My best,

  6. Coach Woj says:

    Anything you need, I will help you out, (except for the bow ties!!). Our family witnessed your awesome season in Round Rock, (even call up night!!) and learned first hand your kind heart to the young fans. My 3 kids, wife, and I are huge fans!!

    Keep up the great work and nothing but blessing to you and your family.

    Coach Woj
    Flagstaff Varsity Baseball
    Flagstaff, AZ

  7. Bill Mott says:


    Trying to track down your info from Ticehurst- or Beinbrink but shoot me an email to wrmott@yahoo.com
    My alma mater Santa Clara just parted ways with their coach- would love to somehow get you involved..

  8. It's Matt says:

    Hey Morgan,

    Here’s a quick logo, really just to get the juices flowing. I don’t know what color scheme you’re going to settle on, I just went with Astros orange. The font of the “14” is something called “Ballpark Weiner”, which I found funny. If you have more specific thoughts about a logo let me know, I’d be happy to help. http://i52.tinypic.com/1dygjp.jpg

    • This is a great idea and I would love to see it framed. I’m thinking of something very simple and easy to identify. My goal is to switch the fonts and colors up on the fourteen’s. My hope is to find guys like you who know how to make these things. What do you think we can do?

  9. Kevin says:

    Hey Morgan, not sure if you’ve found what you’re looking for yet, but maybe you’ll like this logo concept. The fonts can certainly be presented in color, but I’d need to know what color(s) you like. Also helpful would be a much better (higher-resolution) version of your signature than the one I pulled from a scan of one of your baseball cards.

  10. Eric Haslam says:

    During this years CWS you mentioned several times the keys to the game and the team with the lowest score wins. I believe there were 4 items. PB, HBP, walks and errors???? I am desperate to find these. I wrote them down and lost the paper in transit. I am coaching a 14U travel team and they are all “IN THE GAME” mentally but wanted to get them that college level feel of tracking SOMETHING every pitch and thought these would be a great start. Anyone could help me at this point. Thanks and great work in the CWS this year. And on a side note i dont get the taking off the helmet at the plate when u score to give a helmet high 5 either

  11. Lavon says:

    Who loves blogging? Me, that’s for darn sure!

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