You have to see this!!!!!  This is why baseball players are the funniest human beings in the world!

BIg thanks to Tom Tango for alerting me to this one. Thanks Tango!

7 Comments on “Joust!!!!!!!”

  1. EMartin says:

    Hilarious. It’s cool that these were not teammates, but opposing players. Can you imagine how this came about?

  2. Really, and to include this in a starter. How badly is MisterRedLegs missed.

  3. dyhrdmet says:

    and they say that catcher’s equipment is the tools of ignorance.

  4. Dave S. says:

    Morgan…had lunch with your old Big Boss today, and he was asking about you. I sent you a note to your Yahoo e-mail. Hit me back.

  5. Jeff says:

    That’s great — and the music somehow adds to it in an odd way.

  6. Nikki says:

    That is SO great! Awesome way to start my Friday morning. 🙂

  7. Neil says:

    The funniest thing I ever saw in a baseball game was when I was going to Texas A&M back in the mid-90s. The opposing 1st baseman was particularly well-endowed, and the whole student section on the first base side was yelling at him all game: “Touch it!” and then they would erupt into cheers when he scratched or adjusted himself. There were a bunch of other heckles:
    “Hey, get the resin bag outta your pants!” etc.

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