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Morgan Ensberg is typing this so as not to use a “first person” voice.  Apparently this style of writing is better for the reader.  However, “I” am not a writer and don’t have the ability to keep that voice…so, back to first person.

Here is the short of it.  Walked-on to USC.  Was on the 1998 National Championship team.  Got drafted as a Senior in the 9th round in 1998.  Played on a team that won the NY/Penn League, Florida St League, Texas League, and PCL Championships.  Played 7 years with the Astros where we went to the World Series in 2005.  Back doored my way into an All Star game and Silver Slugger Award.  Finished 4th in MVP voting and get this…. I didn’t take steroids.  I’m all Norwegian baby.

Now I am a coach in the Astros Minor League system.  I hate that the Astros stink and will do anything to help them get back to winning.  I’m willing to get fired for the good of the kids.  I’m hard on the players and don’t give them a single inch.  My days are done and I’m going to do everything I can to help these kids get to the Big Leagues.

I’m a better dancer than Adam Everett.  Follow me on Twitter @MorganEnsberg or don’t.

306 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Daniel Cabrera says:


    I live in Austin, Texas and a diehard Longhorns and Astros fan. I’m actually hearing your voice right now while you do play-by-play at the Texas vs Baylor game here in Austin. It’s great to see you back in Baseball. Hopefully we can all see you soon on ESPN, or the MLB Network. Keep doing it big Morgan.

    Take care.

  2. Laz says:

    Ran across your blog after seeing it linked at The Big Lead. Enjoyed the A-rod post as well as your time with the ‘Stros, not to mention your air time on KSBJ.

    Hope things work out for you in broadcasting.

  3. chabela says:

    wow loved the a-rod article. found thru luisscola twitter. so glad you are doing well.

  4. sox68 says:

    Thank you for stopping in to my page! I look forward to reading yours. Keep on writing….

  5. Tony James says:

    Just found this page a couple of days ago and have been reading and listening in my spare time between baseball practices with my children. This is an awesome blog and cant wait to see it pick up steam as it grows. I have to ask, because I have always wondered, do major league players partake in the addictive practice that is known as Fantasy Baseball? Haha.

  6. Tony James says:

    No problem, I play with alot of local friends and have sent them the link to the blog. I think they would really enjoy it. It is definitely refreshing to know that I am not the only person in the world who thinks getting ahead in the count and pitching to contact is the way to go. Its hard to explain to a little leaguer that in the long run if he would learn how to “pitch” and change speeds constantly, he would be much better off. Especially when the emphasis seems to be throwing as hard as possible to most people at that age. I do have to tell you that the first fantasy team I ever did, I drafted you as my 3B and was able to take in that glorious 2005 year you had and loved every minute of it. Thanks for the reply.

  7. Brian H says:

    This Blog is fantastic. you will start to get a lot of notice from this. Lots of talent here.

  8. Ryan Holloway says:

    Hey Morgan, great blog! I just wanted to say I’ll never forget the Sunday night game (in 2005 I believe) against the Giants where you went deep three times. It was beautiful and a great memory I thought I would share. Good luck with broadcasting.

  9. Heather says:

    What a great blog! I’m glad I came acrossed it!

  10. corey zahn says:

    Hey morgan

    How are u doing bro, man a lot of good memories awhile u were playing,u had 2 homeruns in one night against my dodgers and I remember standing up and yelled your name and u look and me and gave me the thumbs up, that was awsome,so what are u doing with yourself?

  11. Dave Waterman says:

    Hi, Morgan just wanted to say high. I was reading some of your articles on your blog and they really awesome. I am now working in the marion county public school system. The school I am working at is in a low income area. It is quite a change from the days at Riviera Hall. I use your story as an inspritation for alot of these kids that I teach. Keep up the great work you are a great model.

    Coach Dave Waterman

  12. ranger mike says:

    heard you on the MLB channel the other day. i think that i heard you talk about bringing the game to another level from the TV-watching side. did i hear you correctly that you are into trying to show a baseball audience more on defensive positioning?

    • Mike, my goal is to teach fans how to watch the game. Our readers have confirmed my theory about teaching the game. But to answer your question, yes.


  13. Charlie Poor says:

    While I don’t expect you to remember, I met you briefly around 2005 one day in the Pastoral Suite at hfbc (I was in a wheelchair). I am Minister of Counseling Emeritus at hfbc and still work with Greg part time. I had polio as a kid but that did no dampen my life long interest in baseball. Before marrying, I roomed with a major leager in Kansas City (Dave Wickersham, pitcher for the KC A’s).

    I will never forget the Sunday am you spoke at hfbc, followed by you hitting 3 dingers that afternoon for the Astros. What a day! You scored big that day – both for the Lord and for the Astros.

    I routinely ask Greg about you and your family. Hope all are well.

    The best of everything to you in your post-MLB pursuits.


    • Thanks Chas! That was a great day. I learned a week prior to that speech that I play baseball so that I can speak about Christ. It was an incredible moment. Good stuff. Glad you showed up. Welcome to the team.


  14. Lucas says:

    All this umpire ego trip craziness made me wonder what you thought of the umpire drama going on this season. Yesterday Roy O got thrown out in the third inning by a hot headed and clearly blind umpire calling all sorts of random balls and strikes. I guess the question I will ask is, how bad do an umpires calls have to be before someone looks into the actions they take on the field? I think most ball clubs just want consistency overall and fans want the box score to be dictated by the players play. I understand umpires are human and make mistakes. But when umpires approach players after heated confrontations instead of walking away and throw ace pitchers out of games in the third inning it really has to have a negative effect on the game overall. Will anything ever be done?

    • Lucas you are right that umpiring is hard. Some umpires are consistent and some aren’t. Some are calm and some are not. I didn’t see the incident with Oswalt so I can’t really comment on that. But most umpires believe that they are consistent and that is simply not the case. My guess is that their evaluators believe that being “good” is just fine. They should be trying to be great.


  15. Patrick Williams says:


    I’ve been an Astro fan since the mid-80’s, and you are, without a doubt one of my all-time favorite Astros. I have four boys, the older two of which got to see you play. We rooted for you so hard, especially after you hurt your shoulder in 2006. Anyway, I just found this site, and I’m am rooting for you again to break into the broadcasting thing. It would be great if you could work somewhere in the Astros org.

    I do have a stat question for you that I’ve always been curious about. After Matt Williams hit 43 homers in the abb. 94′ season, he did an interview where he explained why he thought he hit so many. He said that his homers were up and his doubles were way down that year, because a lot of his hard hit balls were not hit as squarely; he sturck a lot of them on the lower half causing more fly balls. I’m curious about your 2004 (I believe) year where you had a 10 homer year, in between a 25 and 36 homer year. Was it a similar situation with you? Just curious.


    • Patrick my elbow was hurt and I couldn’t extend my right arm. I had to get it shot with cortisone in July. The only thing that kept me sane was that I was hitting with runners in scoring position during that time. Thank goodness!


  16. Cory P. says:


    Have to say that it is great to see this blog of yours, I actually stumbled upon it recently, and read it very often. I have to say, I’ve been a fan of the Astros most of my life, and one of the first balls I caught at a ballpark was a foul off of your bat, a ball I still have ha ha. Good luck with the broadcasting, I caught a few dames with you on ESPNU, defiantly have what it takes man.


  17. Jason says:

    You do a great job at calling games. My son(who happens to be at game 2 with his gpa) is a huge ASU fan. We live in Blue Springs missouri. I am glad I’m not there so I can enjoy your call of the game. Keep up the great work and I love the info you give out. Tired of announcers telling me what just happened. Love hearing you say what might happen next. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Jason. I still need a lot of work. What areas do you think I should work on?


      • Jason says:

        Honestly I like the stories and how you see the game developing. I get my wife asking me all the time if this or that game is a replay. I wish everyone could watch baseball the way I do. Same as when I coached the game. Everything has a reason. The bunts, the pickoffs, the showing of bunts to check fielders defense. You seem to be doing exactly that. I appreciate it and I hope you get your chance to do as much as you can in this game. Some people don’t see the game as an inning by inning game. I enjoy you telling others about the process of the game. Good luck

        • Jason people think baseball is boring because they just sit and listen to people who tell them stuff they already know. My goal is to engage readers and viewers in a way that lets them learn what to watch. When a viewer is able to identify tendencies in a game and predict accurately the outcome, the game opens up into a giant game of “spy vs. spy.” It is so fun to watch a game at that point!


  18. Jason says:

    Also if you ever get the video of you dunking in high school. Post it here. LOL

  19. Alex says:


    I just stumbled upon your blog here and I can tell I’m going to be a regular guest. Every kid in my family plays baseball so I will definitely pass along the link too. By the way, your still my all time favorite Astro! I wear my Ensberg jersey to every Astros game I go to.

    Best of Luck,

    • Alex thanks for the note. It is fun to hear from people which is why I try my hardest to answer all the messages. Is there something specifically that always thought was strange in baseball? In other words, are there questions that you would like answered to help you understand the game better?

      Thanks for keeping “14” alive at the Astro games. I love that place!


  20. Aaron says:

    Hey Mr. Ensberg, I love your insight I listened to your color commentary of the final ASU-Arkansas game. I live in Phoenix and loved every minute of that game, you did a great job. I do have a question though. I play highschool baseball and have hit a rough patch in my hitting. It is frustrating beyond belief. How did you handle slumping and how did you come out of a slump?

    Keep up the Posts!

  21. Sam says:

    I was at the Astros game on Father’s day with my two sons, and I saw a guy a few rows in front of me sporting your jersey. As a lifelong Astros fan, it instantly brought back memories of better times. I tell anyone who will listen that you could easily put equivalent numbers that Pedro is currently producing at 3b. Take care and good luck with the broadcasting career. Thanks for the memories.


  22. Dan Cunningham says:

    Good Afternoon Morgan,

    Just read an article about your transition from baseball to blogging, and glad to see that we (the fans) have an honest opinion about the game we love so much. I was a huge fan of yours during your playing days, and glad to see you taking your knowledge of the game and translating it into something great. Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.


  23. K9 says:

    Greg Lucas hooked me up with you site! I have you say you were ( are) one of my favorite players and i miss seeing you play. I think it stinks the way the Astros treated you in July 2007.
    I have been wondering where you landed since the yankees experiment and Rays’ AAA stint.
    I’m happy you are still in baseball and glad you have a job!
    hope to see your face back on TV soon.
    i miss you!

  24. K9 says:

    I don’t know about contribute, but I am full of questions. 🙂
    If you could play for any team, who would it be?
    If the Astros asked you back, would you go back?

  25. K9 says:

    Along the lines of “unwritten rules”
    what about intentionally walking a batter who has a 20 game ( or more) hit streak?
    I say let him hit. Give him a chance to extend the streak.
    What does the court on unwritten rules say?

  26. Jaz says:

    Morgan! Glad to see you’re still involved baseball with your blog. I always thought you and Brad Ausmus were two of the smartest guys in all of baseball.

    I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve been an Astros fan all my life (Dad was originally from Houston). I don’t get to many Astros games. But, I know I won’t forget the time I got to see you play in Houston. Clemens and Mulder were pitching a Sunday game in early June. You hit a 2 run blast off Mulder to left field. That was such an awesome season. Wish we could have got you a ring!

    Best of luck with the blog…Look forward to your future writing!


  27. Alan says:

    Morgan! Great to read your blog. I miss you seeing with the ‘stros. You know, I saw you once at Freebirds, I should have said hi! Best of luck!

  28. Hayden Baker says:

    Hey, Morgan I haven’t commented in a while but I’m back on. What do you think of our rookie third baseman Chris Johnson???

  29. JD says:

    Morgan, glad to see you still involved in baseball. You were always one of my favorite Astros, but not just because of your stats. It is great seeing players that don’t mind speaking openly about their Faith in God. A friend of mine went to Church with you in Houston, and said your testimony was pretty powerful. It seemed like there were several Astros during your tenure there that were open about their Faith as well (Berkman, Pettitte, Everette, etc.). If I remember correctly, Berkman blew out his knee playing flag football at his Church.
    Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your posts. God Bless!

    • JD,

      Being a Christian is the number one aspect in my life. This doesn’t mean that I have it “all together.” In fact, you would be surprised with how mych I struggle. However, I am thankful that I don’t have to do this alone. God is there to show me that he loves all of us and that doesn’t mean perfection.


  30. Tom says:

    Hi Morgan,

    My name’s Tom Martin – I’m the editor of the blog linked in my name, SB Nation Houston. Love the work you do here, it’s a great perspective and is a refreshingly unique approach. I was wondering if you’d like to do a column for us at SBN Houston with your take on the Astros every now and then. Let me know if you’re interested, and keep up the great work.


  31. unclemoe says:

    Great blog, Morgan! I’d love to do a post on you for my blog. LMK.


  32. Lee Barrow says:

    Hey Morgan, I’m Lee from Houston. You use to come to The Garden Bookstore at HFBC and buy music from me. You even left me 2 tickets to a game one night, I’ve never forgotten that. We really miss you in Houston and I wish you
    the best. It’s good to find your site here. I hope you & your family are doing good, take care & God Bless.
    Lee Barrow

  33. Marty Cunningham says:

    Allyson Footer posted a precious photo on Facebook of your two babies that was taken a few years ago. Too too cute.

    Hope you and yours are doing well.

  34. Caleb says:

    Morgan, just came across your blog and I’m glad I did. I am a long time Astros fan, and of course, an Ensberg fan! It is great to see that you are still in the game…you should fill in on FSH when J.D. or Brownie are out! Thanks for being an Astro and allowing the fans to have a look inside your life and more importantly your faith!

  35. Minard Coons says:

    Hi Morgan. Just found your blog. Good hearing about you. I was the security person in the Spring training dugout at Osceola County Stadium that took all the photos of you playing. being there. Good luck in your new venture. Minard Coons

  36. Jeff Berlfein says:

    Hi Morgan,
    As a fellow RUHS alum (1987), I followed your career with the Astros always wishing you could have held down the hot corner for your hometown team , Dodgers. I just stumbled upon this blog and like what I’m reading and all the peoples lives you’ve touched, keep up the good work with your broadcasting career.

  37. Jeff Berlfein says:

    BTW, I know what you mean when you say that watching baseball is boring, and usually when people say that its because both pitchers are in a duel, and I just love watching that, seeing how they approach each hitter, and watching a good defense is also fun. i know everyone would want to see coors field type games every game, but i’m lovin a 1-0 pitchers duel…Go Seahawks!!!

  38. Morgan, I’m a long-time Astros season ticket holder and enjoyed watching you throughout your career in Houston. I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time, but never read your “about me” page. I think you should add to your background info that the Astros almost certainly would have won the NL Central over the Cubs in your rookie year of 2003 (rather than finishing one game back) if the incompetent Jimy Williams had not insisted upon platooning you with the far less productive veteran, Geoff Blum. ;^) Good luck in your broadcasting career.

  39. joseph aldaco says:

    my nephew loved you and dan miceli!

  40. Vincent says:

    Hi Morgan, didn’t know you had a blog. Great read.
    Loved you with the ‘Stros, loved the 2005 run (even wrote a piece about the Astros and particularly you in ’05 for a blog).
    Continue to be good,
    Vincent from France.

  41. Jim Ertle says:

    I watched the Cal State Fullerton game last night which you were broadcasting. I enjoyed your insight into various aspects of the game itself and also your comments regarding the college game itself. Many people only know how things are in MLB and what they see when they watch the games on TV and as you know, there are many things that are not the same.

    I have not seen you on TV before but I enjoyed your work. Jim

  42. troysolava says:


    Just came across your blog. I love your simplicity when it comes to baseball and life. But I love your boldness when it comes to Christianity. love reading about another believer’s passions!!!


  43. Jeff Brockett DDS says:

    Morgan – great site. I was/am a USC PhiDelt pledge class Fall 99. Even though you had graduated, the upperclassmen spoke of watching you in the world series with great admiration and often times explained how fun it was too see you guys win the ’98 college world series. I am waiting for the day when ‘SC is again as dominant in baseball as it once was. Do you see yourself ever coaching, and if so, would you consider coaching at our alma mater? Being a lifelong USC sports fan, I would love to see the Trojans win another World Series… I am sure you would too. Take care,

  44. Barry Smotherman says:

    Morgan, just got connected to your blog through my three kids [grown now] who I started taking to the Dome in the late 70’s. I have to say you were always one of my favorite Astros. I really respected the way you played the game. Best of luck in your new announcing career. I know you will do well.

  45. Whitesides says:

    Mo – it’s Whites . Sup

  46. Nick Linton says:

    I’m a new member of The Phi Delta Fraternity chapter at Texas State University, and I’ve been tasked with getting an interview from a famous alumni. It would be an honor if I could get an interview from you. The interview is 15 questions long and can be done over the phone or through email. My email is NLinton7@gmail.com. Please let my know if you can do it. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Phikeia Nick Linton

  47. Kelli says:

    Hi Morgan,

    I’ve been a diehard Astros fan since 1998, so I’ve seen the best, and now the worst of what they have to offer. It amazes me that it’s already been six years since the World Series; look what can happen in that amount of time, on-field and off. I saw Shane Reynolds at a signing here in Houston a few weeks ago (the day after the Series ended, actually) and I want to ask you the same thing I asked him – what do you think of Lance Berkman winning a ring? No disrespect to the Cards at all, but I think he should have won it here. Then again, if things happen for a reason, (and it hurts to say this) maybe he was where he should have been. I want to leave you with this: you and your “Good Guys” teammates are the reason I’m still wearing Astros gear – you’re special, Morgan, you were a part of a special team – classy and classic. You’ll be a great broadcaster :o)

    thank you

    • Kelli,

      I love the Astros and it pains me that they are struggling so much. I am really happy for Lance. He got a chance to win a ring when there wasn’t really that opportunity in Houston. You know it pained him to leave Houston so it is nice that it worked out.

      Thanks for the email.


      • Kelli says:


        it’s good to see you back :o) Hope you had a good offseason :o) Whether the ‘Stros did remains to be seen, but this is the first spring in a while that I’ve had hope for the season, even knowing the changes that are coming next year. Now that we’re finally rid of a certain 4-letter GM, maybe we can begin to come out of the black hole we’ve been in and get back to the baseball. Mr. Crane seems to be at least pointed in the right direction. Bringing more former players back to the organization is a definite plus and it would be excellent if you had that chance as well (fingers crossed for you :o).

  48. Andrew says:

    Hey Morgan. Just kind of stumbled across your blog here. I was in the left field bleachers at Rosenblatt when you stole home in 1998. I will never forget seeing you take off and watching the grandstand fans rise to their feet…the tense chatter in the crowd getting louder and louder and then the explosive cheer as the ump called “safe!” It is really my favorite moment in all the many games I have attended at the CWS. Ever make it back to Omaha to take in a game or two? Best of luck in your new career.


  49. jeff angus says:

    There’s a very close analogue in the organizational management world: MBE (Management by Exception).

    With MBE one focuses on small failures to see where one could tweak processes or individuals’ capabilities for the better. Business is nowhere as good at management or training as baseball is, but it’s a pretty useful technique, and in the right hands, produces a lot of improvements.

    I really like both your MEI measurement idea and your view of following it over time to see how well it tracks. (My own suspicion is that it will AT LEAST correlate VERY highly in 1-run + 2-run games).

    Always take the extra base,
    Jeff Management by Baseball

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