All Rise! Nyjer Morgan vs. Washington Nationals

All Rise!  Judge Ensberg Presiding!

Judge Mo: You may be seated.  Florida Marlins, what seems to be the problem here?

Marlins: Your honor.  On September 1, 2010, Mr. Morgan charged the mound and a bench clearing brawl ensued.  We believe that this was uncalled for.

Judge: Ok.  Mr. Morgan?  Please tell me what happened.

Morgan: Judge Mo, it is really simple.  In the previous game I hit their catcher on a play at the plate and he got hurt.

Judge: Were you out?

Morgan: Yes.

Judge: Could you have slid?

Morgan: Yes.

Judge: OK.  Go on.

Morgan: The next game, I was hit on purpose and took my base.

Judge: Did you say anything or look at them in any way that would be considered aggressive?

Morgan: No your honor.  They were paying me back because I hurt their catcher.  I jogged down to 1st base.

Judge: Continue.

Morgan: After that I stole second base and then third base.

Judge: What was the inning and score?

Morgan: It was the 4th inning and the score was 14-3.

Judge: Then what happened?

Morgan: Later on in the game I Volstad threw a ball behind me.

Judge: He threw the ball behind you?  It wasn’t at you?

Morgan: No.  The ball missed me by a foot.  But I just dropped my bat and helmet and charged him.

Judge: Ok.  So the ball was thrown behind you and you charged the mound.  Did you hit Mr. Volstad?

Morgan: I did your honor.  I hit him with a left right in the face.  It was a good shot.  Right after I connected, I was clothes lined and tackled by the Marlins team.

Judge: Alright.  Marlins.  Why did Mr. Volstad throw behind Mr. Morgan?

Marlins: Your honor.  We feel like all of Mr. Morgan’s actions of hitting our catcher and then stealing bases led to another “beaning.”

Judge: Alright.  I think I have an understanding of what went on.  I will adjourn and ask the jury here at Morgan Ensberg’s Baseball IQ what they think.  They have really helped me so it is their turn to chime in.  Below is a poll.  I will submit my summary when 100 people vote.  Understood?  Good.

Bailiff: All RISE!