Playoff Predictions

Who is Going to Win?

In February of this year I got a chance to be on Baseball Tonight.  They asked me to pick 3 teams who I thought had the best pitching staff’s.  I chose, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, and St. Louis.  But I went a step further.  I told them that those teams also were my picks to win their divisions.   We will see how if they come out on top.

Now it is your turn.  You tell me who you choose and why.  Not some long explanation.  Just a sentence or two about the 3 teams you pick.  Cool?


All Rise! Unwritten Rulebook vs. Philadelphia Phillies Bullpen Binoculars! POLL!!

” All Rise!  Judge Morgan “Born by the Sea” Ensberg presiding!”

Next up is the Philadelphia Phillies using binoculars in the bullpen.  What do you think?