You Have Questions

Hello everyone!  I know…it has been a long time.  Well, much has happened since I left you to fend for yourselves.  But who cares about me?  Let’s get to you.

There have been a lot of stories this off-season and you have questions.  Fire them at me and I will answer some on this blog.
So what’s on your mind?



12 Comments on “You Have Questions”

  1. Dieter V. says:

    Hey Morgan,

    Which free agent signing (Pujols vs. Fielder) will pay off more in the long-term? Obviously, both players will be getting BIG money once they are past their prime. Even though Pujols is older, is it possible that Fielder starts his decline first – because of his weight?

    Also, since I’m a Mariners fan, and since we haven’t had much to talk about in the past few years, what do you think came out on top in the Michael Pineda/Jesus Montero trade with the Yankees? It’s not very often that two extremely young phenoms are swapped.


  2. Jill Malitz says:

    Welcome back! How do you think the “kids” of the Houston Astros will do? Most people “in the know” think the team will not be very good for a few more years. How do you think they will do next year in the American league? Is the new owner going to be better for the team? Thanks.

  3. Bob Cage-2nd Game 1962 Colt 45's/Astros Fan says:

    GREAT to have you back!!! The “14” has been sorely missed!!!

    Topic for future discussion:

    Behind the scenes logistics re: with what takes place on a day to day basis when a big show club goes on the road, i.e. how many uniforms taken, how they and when they are laundered and what about all the equipment, bats, balls, etc. Who makes the daily uniform decisions as to what uni to wear. I think your fans would. E interested in what the daily grind is like for a guy like you when you were in the “show”.

    “Hot Corner Fan”

  4. Greg Fitz says:

    Good to have you back. I guess the first question I have is what are your thoughts on how MLB handeled the whole Ryan Braun thing? I’m pretty annoyed myself, but wanted to see what you thought.


  5. John says:

    How do major leaguers feel about spring training? You always read about NFL players hating training camp because it is a mind-numbing grind; is it the same for baseball players? Any good things about spring training? Did you genuinely enjoy meeting up with the rest of your team and new faces in Florida (or Arizona) in February?

  6. Richard Throop says:

    How do you feel about the Astros wanting to possibly change their team name?

  7. Bobbye Adams says:

    What is your opinion on the Oswalt delay in signing??? And, who do you think he’ll sign with?

  8. Steve Stein says:

    Since you have a good “insider” perspective, do you have a take on the clubhouse “antics” that are being blamed for the Red Sox collapse last year? Beer and chicken in the clubhouse abnormal? Starters with the day off in the clubhouse instead of the dugout/bullpen abnormal?

    Another question/issue – what’s your take on the Braun test and his samples being mishandled? How do other vets feel?

    And, related, how do you feel about Bagwell being held “under a cloud” by some HoF voters, despite there being no evidence at all of PED issues?

  9. John Autin says:

    Morgan Ensberg! I’ve just heard of your site (via Sean Smith’s It’s exciting to find a former All-Star doing a blog.

    I would like to ask if you felt that the Astros in your day were too cautious in promoting prospects. For instance, you tore up AA in a full season at age 24, ranking among the Texas League leaders in most major stats, in your 3rd full year in pro ball. A lot of clubs would give a player like that a long look in the show, but you got just 7 ABs that fall. Then you spent a year-and-a-half at AAA, despite hitting real well with New Orleans in 2001, before finally nailing down a big-league job in 2002 at age 26.

    I’ve noticed some other Astros coming through the pipeline slowly. Luke Scott, your former teammate, didn’t get a real shot in the majors until he was 28.

    I know there are a lot of factors. Being a perennial contender in those days, Houston had fewer job openings than weaker teams. And sometimes a player gets hurt at the worst possible time. But did you ever get frustrated with the pace of your progress from minors to majors? Thanks.

  10. K9 says:

    We do, too care where you’ve been!
    Have you seen ‘Moneyball’? And what did you think?
    You said somewhere you hoped to be I the booth for the astros – is that still an option? Might be worth watching the games. Ha ha.

  11. Jim Breitinger says:


    Love your writing!

    Hey, I’ve seen you talking about this new Axe bat that UCSD is using. Hoping you can discuss it more on your blog. It seems like a pretty major change to the baseball bat.


  12. Morgan, I’ve got a USA Today reporter who wants to speak with you about the Axe bat. How do I reach you. You can msg me via Facebook or call my office at 801.532.7333. Thx. Good press for you and UCSD.

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