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Morgan Ensberg is typing this so as not to use a “first person” voice.  Apparently this style of writing is better for the reader.  However, “I” am not a writer and don’t have the ability to keep that voice…so, back to first person.

Here is the short of it.  Walked-on to USC.  Was on the 1998 National Championship team.  Got drafted as a Senior in the 9th round in 1998.  Played on a team that won the NY/Penn League, Florida St League, Texas League, and PCL Championships.  Played 7 years with the Astros where we went to the World Series in 2005.  Back doored my way into an All Star game and Silver Slugger Award.  Finished 4th in MVP voting and get this…. I didn’t take steroids.  I’m all Norwegian baby.

Now I am a coach in the Astros Minor League system.  I hate that the Astros stink and will do anything to help them get back to winning.  I’m willing to get fired for the good of the kids.  I’m hard on the players and don’t give them a single inch.  My days are done and I’m going to do everything I can to help these kids get to the Big Leagues.

I’m a better dancer than Adam Everett.  Follow me on Twitter @MorganEnsberg or don’t.


306 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Josh Robbins says:


    I enjoy reading your blog.

    I thought you might be interested in a new baseball pitching metric that I co-created/re-introduced on 60ft6in.com.

    The Factor12 Rating (F12) is an analytic measurement utilizing league average performance to compare the value of all MLB pitchers. F12 consists of the following twelve statistics incorporating every aspect of pitching:

    Innings Pitched (IP); Strikeouts Minus Walks (SO-BB); Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP); Earned Run Average (ERA); Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP); Home Runs per 9 innings (HR/9); Walks per 9 innings (BB/9); Strikeouts per 9 innings (SO/9); Opponents Batting Average (OBA); Opponents On-Base Average (OOBA); Opponents Slugging Average (OSLG); Modified Base-Out Percentage (MBOP) has been adjusted to include wild pitches and balks.

    A pitcher’s F12 is the sum of the percentage difference/change value of the twelve statistical categories. The league average performance is 24.000 and a minimum of 0.001. Pitchers recording zero innings pitched will receive a 0.000 F12 Rating. Elite pitchers will accumulate a 30.000+ seasonal rating.

    Pitchers completing less than the average yearly innings (i.e. 65.75 in 2011) will have their F12 Rating weighed by the percentage of innings completed in relation to the league average (i.e. Sergio Romo 48 IP/65.75). This adjustment enables starting pitchers and relievers to be compared together based on different workloads for the season.

    Factor12 rates yearly performance, with the potential for future projections. Weekly updates will be available during the 2012 season to quantify every pitcher in Major League Baseball using F12.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in writing/learning more about F12 for your own knowledge and websites.


    Josh Robbins

  2. teamcolin says:

    Mo, Why don’t you write anymore? This blog is awesome. Please write more. Thanks

  3. Jason Goodwin says:

    I’ve kept up on Morgan’s career ever since our days at USC, where we were fraternity brothers. He was not our only athlete in the house, but he was by far the most down to earth. And, and history has proven, probably the most talented. Hit me up bro! Love to see how you are doing! Congrats on bridging your career to broadcasting.

  4. Terry A. Nixon says:


    I certainly enjoyed your career as an Astro and enjoyed a chance meeting we had at Coldstone on Memorial about 2 hours after you had played an outstanding game that afternoon. The story of the opportunity I had to stand in for your coach or parents (i.e. Little League) and buy you an ice cream cone I share with everybody (naturally the story has grown….I think you hit 4 homeruns that day and picked up the save striking out the side in the ninth). Hey, it’s my story and if I want to throw in some Hollywood I reserve the right. I have a favor to ask: A signed picture of yourself as an Astro for a very deserving young man. Clay will be celebrating his 18th birthday this month and his mother asked me if I could help get an autographed copy of your picture. The note from his mom: My son Clay will be turning 18 later this month. He’s a wonderful young man (really!), and I want to do something special for this big birthday, but there’s never anything that this boy wants! So I’m trying to come up with something creative. He is an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to baseball and the Astros. I know that a signed photo that says “Happy Birthday, Clay” on it would be an amazing gift and would mean so much to him.

    If you are able to send one please acknowledge and I will provide their address. Thanks in advance and best of luck! Terry

  5. Colton says:

    You can take “hate that the Astros stink” out of the bio. 🙂

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