Dear Manny,

I am a Christian guy.  There are a lot of emotions going through my mind as I type this.  The most prevalent one is anger.  Here is what I would like to say?

How could you?  You coward!  You are a fake and a cheat and now you want to retire?  No way!  You get back out there and you take the pain.  You stand in front of the cameras and tell us that you are a fake.  Tell us that you only care about money.  Look directly into the camera and tell us that you don’t give a crap about baseball and that this was always about money!  Look into the camera and tell us that you are so stupid and entitled that you are willing to put anything in your body if you think it will help.  You took OVULATION MEDICINE DUDE.  You were such a fake, that you put medicine in your body that helps you produce eggs for reproduction.  You should have eaten raisins.  I hear they help you think.

That is how I feel.  Those are the feelings that make me want to lash out.  But I am not going to say that.  I am going to calm down and think before I type.  I’m going to step away from the computer and think about what my actions mean.  I’m going to walk into the living room and hug Beckett, Chase, and Ava.  I’m going to think about my wife Christi and thank God for allowing me to have a wife who loves me.  I’ll be right back.

That took a little longer than I expected.  Here is what I am actually going to say.

Manny.  You’re ripping my heart out man.  I had so much respect for the way you hit.  I told my friends, “Manny doesn’t cheat.  He’s legit.”  But you aren’t man.

I want to be angry and raise my voice.   But I’m not going to do that.  I am calm right now.  This is what I want to tell you from my heart.

You don’t have to be a great baseball player for people to love you.  We love your personality.  You seem to be a happy guy and that is what we love.

Manny, happiness isn’t about money.  I know we are all tricked into thinking that money will make us happy, but it doesn’t have that power.  The only thing that provides us with real happiness is living for something greater than ourselves.

I’m not made or angry with you anymore.  I’m not going to sign off in a condescending way.  In fact I want to thank you for making me realize what this life is about.  I just got back from hugging my kids and kissing my wife.  I have been praying and thanking God for allowing me to have such blessings.

Manny, your actions have reminded me how thankful I am that God blessed me with the natural ability to play in the Big Leagues.  When my kids ask me about baseball and the Steroid Era, I will look at them and say,

“You know you don’t have to cheat to make it in life.  All you have to do is try as hard as you can.  There will be times when you are really tested and you’ll want to take the easy way out.  But you don’t have to because I will love you no matter where you end up.  And if you do mess up, I am going to love you.  And if you mess up again, I will love you.  Beckett, Chase, and Ava, this world will try and trick you into thinking that you need to cheat.  The world will make you think that it is fine to do what everyone else is doing even if it hurts you.  You don’t have to.  Work hard and don’t give in.  Life isn’t about money or fame.  Life is about caring for those around you and you can do that in any job.  Work hard.  You can do it!  I love you.


82 Comments on “Manny”

  1. Mike says:

    Amen brother! Manny is a very sad man.

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  3. Teri Bono says:

    AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN! can you send this to Manny?

  4. Karen says:

    Great post, Morgan. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  5. Pat says:


    I so admire your stand for Christ! Your testimony for the Christian values that we are expected to reflect is a shining example for us all. You live what you believe, and your Christian influence is to be commended! I’m sort of glad that you got away from pro baseball since personal values there have fallen so low! At least now your voice is heard not only online but on the radio, and you can truly witness your beliefs for the world to accept or reject. I hope some people will accept their free gift of salvation because of your testimony.

    Pat in Houston

  6. Melissa says:

    Well spoken Morgan! Never thought I’d have to explain to my 9 year old, why these big hitters, he trys to emulate, are cheaters! One after another : (
    I appreciate your point of view! You’ll always be one of the “Good Guys!”
    You should write a book!!

  7. JJ Cabrera says:

    We will always remember you as a man who played the game right and showed great respect and love for the game. Thank you for all that you did and continue to do for the great game of baseball.

    God bless you and your family.


  8. Bret Sanders says:

    Nice post. As one like you who truly loves the great game of baseball, it actually just makes me sad rather than mad when I ready stories like that of Manny. What I do when I read this kind of news is just think about all the guys that play the game right. Biggio, Ryan, Pence, Ensberg and Jackie Moore. And I know there are still guys coming up that will do it right and hopefully one day we won’t have to deal with PED stories every baseball season.
    Come see us in Round Rock sometime. We would all love to see you back at the Dell Diamond.

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  10. pft says:

    Manny’s sin was getting caught for taking fertility drugs. Under the testing program, Manny has never tested positive for synthetic testosterone that we know of, only a fertility drug.

    Since he has no eggs, the fertility drugs only effect was to kick start his natural testosterone production which tends to shut down after taking steroids. That said, even men who do not take steroids for performance enhancement receive fertility drug prescriptions for hormone imbalance issues. It may well be that Manny developed a problem from his steroid use before testing and must use fertility drugs to counteract the damage done.

    The real question is how many players cheated back in the day before testing. Some ex-players say it could be as high as 50%. There are likely many players who used but are considered clean because they were never caught. Maybe they were lucky there was no testing and they did not go through BALCO, or they were smart enough to stop when testing started or smart enough and rich enough to use designer drugs that can not be detected.

    We assume our favorite players to have been clean as a matter of faith, but nobody really knows. The absence of evidence is not disproof. I consider every player to have played in Manny’s era to be suspect.

    I can understand why players use steroids. Back in the day before testing it was not really cheating, not if 50% of players were using. It was a question of survival and maintaining competitiveness. Players who did not do what their competitors were doing risked job loss, reduced salary, etc. The average MLB career is 5-10 years where you have an opportunity to make enough to provide financial security for your family. Giving all that up for moral principles sounds great, but how many really do so if it costs them their job and financial security for their family.

    Some players may have stopped using due to the side effects, not out of moral principles. Not every player reacts the same way to steroid use, and if you do not spend the time in the gym, they don’t benefit you as much. I sometimes wonder if steroids provide more of a placebo effect. If players are motivated to do well, they spend more time in the gym, and when they go to the plate, they feel more confident because they are taking something that is assumed to enhance performance. and they perform well.

    Players lacking motivation are not compelled to take steroids or spend the time in the gym, and do not perform as well.

    Could be as simple as that.

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  12. Andy Francis says:

    Your writings here are pretty accurate of the way a lot of people are feeling, I’m sure. You did the right thing by tempering your emotions though, especially before releasing them in a public forum. It’s tough being a guy who grew up in the steroid era; I thought Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were the two greatest human beings of all time when I was 8. I hope you do impart an impactful message on your kids out of all of this, because I’m sure it would be a lot tougher to truly reach Manny with those thoughts at this point.

  13. sarah says:

    Morgan-couldn’t have said it better myself. I saw the news about it on the way to the Astros’ home opener. The happiest day of the year for me, and I wanted to throw up. I wanted to cry. My first jersey was a Manny Indians jersey-I still have it. I have loved watching him, but after the beginning of his time in Boston, the *real* Manny faded & the “Manny Being Manny” character took over. The real Manny was known to forget to cash his paychecks-he thought he needed a passport to go to Texas his first roadtrip there. I miss that Manny. It’s easy for me to ascribe the blame to being a Boras client-I believe the 1st failed test was after he signed with him. But I know that Manny isn’t that dumb-he knew what he was doing. That sickens me the most. I’ve been a fan of his almost 17 years, and will probably continue to be-because that skinny kid playing RF for the Indians so long ago could rake.

  14. Mornacale says:

    Manny is awesome. Who cares if he did steroids. Unless steroids make you more likely to high-five a dude in between making a catch and nailing a runner at second, they weren’t what was making him so fun to watch.

    Morgan, I can totally understand why, as a player, you’d be pissed at another guy cheating. It was your job to win, not to have a good time, and so naturally someone cheating was pretty much directly against you, on both a personal and professional level. But it honestly puzzles me to see baseball fans who seem to be actually mad at Manny.

    Can you fans honestly tell me that you’d have preferred the last 20-ish years of baseball without Manny hitting laser rocket bombs all over the place and then cutting off a throw from another outfielder for no reason? Are you really going to get so uptight over what he may or may not have been putting in his body that it counters all that enjoyment? Sure, it’d have been better if he did all that stuff without any drugs, but it’s still pretty great.

    In conclusion,

    • EMartin says:

      Mornacale – It was not great at all. It was as phony as a cheap magician. I grew up with this game and love the true magic of a batter being able to hit a 9-inch circumference, 5-ounce, white leather ball with red stitching. It’s magical – he doesn’t know the speed it will be coming at, he doesn’t know the exact location it will end up at, and has no idea what patch it will take during its 60′-6″ journey to home plate. Yet, our heroes are able to hit it on the screws when most of us wouldn’t even be able to see it! The use of PED’s is an outright shame and I’m glad their use is so reduced from 10 years ago.

      Morgan – You’re “good people” as we say in my family. I wish I had been more of an Astros fan when you were playing. It’s guys like you I encourage my 13 year old to emulate. Keep up the great work!

      Rochester, NY

  15. Mornacale says:

    Also, Morgan, I really like your writing and you seem like a stand-up guy, but writing “this is all the bad stuff that I want to say, but I’m NOT SAYING IT” is honestly sort of silly and hypocritical. All that stuff is there. You said it.

    I’m not saying I think you shouldn’t have said it; I feel differently than you, but one of my favorite things about your blog is getting a chance to read the honest feelings of a baseball (and soon broadcasting! 🙂 star. And I understand your point that you took the time to think and form a more nuanced, kinder opinion to carry forward. I just think that you’re employing a very weak rhetorical device to get your point across–simply saying “my first reaction was x, y, z; but then I took the time to think, and now I believe a, b, c” feels much more honest to the reader.

    Just offering constructive criticism. Keep up the good blog! 🙂

  16. Jeff Hardin says:

    I must have become too jaded, judgmental and cynical at my advancing age, but this news didn’t shock me at all. After Manny did what he did in Boston, I never could or would see him the same way.

    He quit on his team. He abused people. All because he could hit a baseball and hit it quite well.

    That he cheated (again) and then slunk off into the shadows is neither surprising – it seems quite consistent with who Manny is as a person … all about the glory and prestige, but never one to look in the mirror, accept responsibility and acknowledge his mistakes.

    • It surprised me Jeff. He just didn’t seem like the guy who would do it….of course I don’t know what that “guy” really looks like anymore.


      • Jeff Hardin says:

        Morgan: I just wanted to say that I am not a believer, but I appreciate the way that you put yourself and your faith out there. I find it sad how some seem to feel threatened or offended by it for some reason.

        Keep being real, man.

  17. Nobby Nobbs says:


    I loved the way you played the game man but this piece of writing is out of order. You can’t say your better that calling him a liar and cheat because you stepped away from your keyboard and hugged your kids, you still published it man! The blog is great but the Christ references are a bit annoying, you sound real intelligent until we hear about him.

    • Nobby,

      I was trying to show that I am no different than Manny except that I think about what I am about to do. As for God, I am surprised that it has been met with such opposition.


  18. Coach says:

    Always been a fan of Ensberg’s athletic ability since his Redondo Beach soccer playing days. Now I can respect him as a man who is calling it as he sees it and has the values in life that I would hope that we all would have. And when I say we, I mean us as individuals, society as a whole, the media that shovels us all the garbage that they do now and, with the players union, are the great enablers of these actions that Ramirez has shown throughout his career.

    I am glad I finally came across this article. I am amazed at how little outrage there is out there in the media – at least what I have seen. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised. Yet another time where the culprit is almost being treated as the victim.

    I don’t care how good of a hitter a man is if he is cheating and disrespects his ability, teammates, and the game. I am tired of hearing about players like Ramirez. His disregard for the game and teammates turned me off from him and every team that has courted him since he quit on his Bosox teammates. When he did that, it should have been a small blip in the news and then a move onto better stories. Tell me about the great players in sports that I can also point out to my high school aged players and ask them to aspire to act like they do. Until this latest round of “stories” about him dies out, I won’t be watching the sports news channels much.

    Use to be a Dodger and MLB fan but not so much anymore because of people like Ramirez and organizations that choose to overlook/minimize the cheating and lack of willingness to part of the team rather than being above the team. I use to go to several games a year but this attitude that cheating is okay and we will overlook everything bad you have done in the past has soured me on going to games and cheering for the once proud Dodger organization. Throw in the latest issue with the Dodgers and you won’t catch me anywhere near their stadium; not because I am afraid to go but because I am not willing to support an organization that let this problem fester until something really bad happened. I pray for Bryan Stow and his family. Talk about COWARDS. Do you really feel like a man because you jumped someone from behind and kicked him while he was on the ground? Truly the meaning of COWARD.

    But that is a wholly different topic. It is another factor why the Dodgers have lost me, my friends, and my family, but this is about Ramirez and players like him. Maybe I am getting old, but I want to cheer for players who are also good people. They don’t need to be perfect; they can have their flaws. They can make mistakes but own up to it when they do and make amends to do better in the future; not be repeat offenders and not care about how it affects others. Be a man or organization with some values. Until then, it’s back to watching the kids who play for the joy of the game and not what it can get them.

  19. Good post Morgan. I agree 100%, Manny is an example of everything that is wrong in sports. I wrote an entry on Manny as well if you want to check it out,

  20. Marty says:

    Well said, Morgan. He’s a cheat all right. At least there are the majority of others who know you don’t have to do that to get thru life. God given talent and it was wasted.

  21. hilarie says:

    Morgan uses the performance enhancing drug apophasis to condemn Mannie: Writes everything he then claims he “is not going to say.” In other words, Morgan cheats. He has it both ways.

    Also, the revised version of his punkish diatribe is just as hollow as the rabid version.

    You’re a hypocrite, Morgan. You claim to be a Christian and probably believe that you are one, but you are simply a hypocrite wrapping yourself in the flag, to the applause of simpletons.

    If you want others not to cheat, first do not cheat yourself.

  22. Well said. You may want to check into how I found this post:

    They are totally misrepresenting your article and your words. Sad.


  23. DodgersKings323 says:

    Money want bring you happiness, agreed………..BUT
    “You don’t have to be a great baseball player for people to love you. ”
    WRONG! No Walk-off bombs, no WS Titles = Boston doesn’t love you. Let’s not get that twisted!
    Also plenty of guys take roids, were they even half as good as him? Nope, so i want to see a study that actually tells us how they effect a baseball player.
    There is so much about this! “Back in my day, blah blah blah” Romanticizing the past
    Guess what?
    Players ALWAYS played for money
    Players ALWAYS tried to enhance their performance
    Not too long ago i read a story about guys in the 1800s taking “magic elixirs” before games, pleeeeasseee.
    He better be in the hall, same with Bonds, otherwise you might as well shut it all down until you can investigate every guy in there, some don’t even require it.
    I used to think that way too, when i was like 14! Then i grew up.
    Another annoying thing is when people also rub their religion in peoples faces, my 2 cents.

    • I’m surprised that people think I was rubbing my beliefs in their faces. Does it surprise you when people believe differently from you? I don’t think my beliefs are shocking at all. Just my 2 cents.


  24. Joe Scott says:

    I am a life-long Red Sox fan from New Hampshire who cheered Manny for years without suspecting he was cheating. Like everyone in New England, I turned on him when he started his exit shenanigans.

    I personally think baseball is better off not enforcing or not having a PED policy. I liked it when players were doing super-human things, and I think whatever a professional player wants to do to himself should be allowed or at least looked the other way.

    However, as you said, he cheated under the current rules and thats wrong because its an unfair advantage. Once again, Manny is a victim of his own stupidity. How did he get caught so often with Boros as his agent? How many other players are cheating and not getting caught, including Ortiz and A-Rod again?

    I also don’t understand why he retired now. Why not just sit out the 100 games and think it through, and make a decision then? Once again, he’s a dummy. I have no doubt he will want to return in 2012 and will sit out the 100 games then.

    Manny – great bat speed but empty head.

    Joe Scott

  25. KeJo says:

    Manny is lame, and cheating is punk. MoBerg has always been one of my favorite pro ballers, despite his religion. dude, it’s your blog ……. but the same point could have been made without the mystical magical mystery BS. I have to say honestly, your definition of real happiness comes across insulting to us seculars….Not saying Holy is bad, but holier than thou is annoying (and the root of many of the world’s problems right now)…Manny hopefully lost his HOF ticket, we probably agree on that!!!Have a happy day!

    • Kejo, I have been really surprised by the reaction to God on this one. My point wasn’t to pretend like I am perfect. In fact, I was trying to show that I am no different than Manny. But before I was going to make an actual decision, I was going to step back and remind myself what is important to me. I also wanted to tell my kids that I love them no matter what decisions they make.


  26. Bryan says:

    Manny being Manny has always been about nothing.Your are a fake and cheat,we saw that in Boston!!Bye,bye

  27. hilarie says:

    > I was trying to show that I am no different than Manny.

    There is nothing in your original post that suggests that. Sanctimonious lie on top of duplicitous, self-aggrandizing sanctimony.

    And don’t flatter yourself. You are WAY “different than Manny.” Manny Ramirez was a great hitter. You had three good seasons.

    Maybe in retirement Manny will try to exploit the Lord for his own preening gratification. Then you’ll have something in common.

    • Hilarie, you are right. Manny is a much better player than I ever was. I clearly have done a poor job of trying to express my point. Here is what I was trying to say: I am thankful that my family loves me and that I am going to love my kids no matter what.


      • ergomaniac says:

        “amen” hilarie. “heres what i am trying to say. i am thankful that my family loves me and that i am going to love my kids no matter what.” you sure have a round about way of saying it. like christ, maybe he didnt want to be crucified for something most people dont understand. “cheating” i get it. but the bigger picture here affects everyone. why do people even want to enhance performance. is the grace of god not with us all. “…and thank god for allowing me to have a wife who loves me.” allowing? “heres what id like to say” you said it. “but im not going to say that” wish youd said nothing. acctually i dont really think you did say anything. why is god not more active in the everyday pains that most people suffer. is he that big of a sports fan. why have medicine or ovulation drugs. why not spread more natural ability. never mind the “big leagues” or is this just a game.

        • Ergomaniac, I have really been hit off of my horse on this entire objection.

          Doesn’t it seem strange that I would type something that I know it going to be read by everyone? Why would I say, “I’m not going to say that” when I just said it?

          What about the word “allowing?” Why does someone use allowing when they could easily just leave it out?

          Ergomaniac, do you think this story is about Manny? Do you think this story is about God, steroids, or cheating? Do you think I am really bothered by what Manny has done? Nothing Manny does effects me or effected my career.

          The people who read this blog understand that what I write rarely has to do with baseball. I am not a betting man, but my guess is that you will stick to your belief that this article is about all of the things listed above. I hope I am wrong and I am good at being wrong.


          • ergomaniac says:

            i am only responding to what you have posted. words communicate ideas. am i misunderstanding?
            manny. god. steroids. cheating. all of the above. or none of it?
            do i think your bothered by what manny has done. obviously. or am i oblivious.
            but obviously your not alone. the entire subject has implications for everyone.
            morgan ensbergs baseball iq is misleading if it has nothing to do with baseball. so does your posting. and im not attacking you personally.

      • Larry says:

        No Morgan I thought you did an awsome job of expressing yourself! It’s sad to see how many non believers there are in the world and why our country needs guys like you to shine your light.

        Manny, Sosa, Bonds, Mcgwire, are just symptomatic, of how we as a society can’t tell the difference between wrong and right.

        Keep up the good job.

  28. Ja in CLT says:

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the posters lashing out at you for putting your faith in a post on your blog. It’s your blog dude, no need to acknowledge the haters that post negatively on every blog they visit. I would venture to say that most that have read your blog on Manny feel pretty much the same way you do, they just don’t feel the need to post on your blog that you rub your religion in everyone’s faces. Some people will just bitch to simply bitch, pardon my french.

    I have way more disgust in Bonds and Clemens than I ever would with Manny. The only thing worse than a cheater is a lying cheater.

    Cheers Morgan,

    • ergomaniac says:

      i am not lashing. i am not a hater. i dont post negative. or bitch to bitch. i have better thing to do.
      cheers ja

  29. Morgan, don’t publish what “you’re not going to say”. That’s crap** (Ensberg Edit) . You said it.

    Also, if you’re so f-ing**(Ensberg Edit) christian, then forgive Manny, then shut up.

    **I edited the comment due to language.

    • Ja in CLT says:

      Case in point…

    • J.B. I changed some of the language because kids read this blog.

      Now to your post. You don’t think that I am off the hook for saying, “I’m not going to say that?” That’s silly. Of course I said it. Do you think this post is about Manny or God or steroids?

      Take another look at it. It isn’t about any of those things.


  30. Hey Mr Ensberg.I love your blog, the love you have for the game is apparent and inspiring. I also write a blog here in London,take a look if you want!

  31. K9 says:

    I also thought manny was just a chicken. He got caught and instead of taking the penalty, he quit.
    Big selfish, quitting, chicken.
    That’s my .02.

    As a Christian woman, I thought you were going to go a different direction and be angry how he invoked God and Gods peace.
    Other than being a chicken, that’s what got my ire up.

  32. dave sanders says:

    i thought of this when i first ready your blog post. possible blog topic suggestion — would be curious to hear your thoughts on how you think your playing career would have been different had you roided? i.e. stats-wise, longevity, etc.

    also, how would it have been different if no one was roiding? i got to think that the 30+ jacks you put up one season would have been viewed differently had not everyone else been on the juice.

    cheers man.


  33. Jimmy Cianfrogna says:

    Hey Morgan,
    Upon reading all the negative posts I wanna ask a question. Have you ever met Manny? Cause honestly the dude seems like he has no respect for fans, media, team-mates, beer vendors or parking valets. (obviously the last two were just speculation haha) I honestly was never a fan, I appreciated how the man could hit, as if ever ball was set on a tee for him to just hammer the hell outta. He was quite a clown in the field, don’t get me wrong I can’t go out there an be half as good as him, which is not saying a lot. He was an entertainer who got paid more money for just hitting than his all around play. Anyway, I live near Tampa and the idea of him playing here spawned this great interest in me getting his jersey because I thought it would be funny, but in hindsight I should have dropped that $100 on Damons jersey. Seriously my point being, does large sums of money really make you that big headed to think that you can do anything? Can someone be that stubborn to not care about anyone but yourself? Someone as yourself, who has talent to play the game, try hard, and be a good team-mate, did you ever have these “I m better than everyone and the game.” I’ve met a few pro sports guys in my 28 years on the earth and you can tell the ones who think they are better than most and the ones who really appreciate who fans and their talents. Yourself, Newhan and Pat Neshek all write great blogs and seem to have great fan/player relationships. Sorry for the long winded post.

  34. Joe says:

    Amen Brother Morgan, Amen!!! Great post. I too am very thankful for the family, friends and talents in my life. If the whole world ate a nice slice of humble pie we’d all get along a lot easier.

    As to all the non-belivers – take a chill pill (don’t worry it’s not a PED) and relax a little. Morgan has the right to express his religious beliefs JUST AS MUCH as you have a right to complain about it. It’s the very principles this country was founded on – freedom of RELIGION and freedom of speech. Your eyes/ears aren’t going to bleed by the mention of the word “God” so lets ease up a bit ok. Finally, it’s his blog so he can write what he wants, if you don’t like it….don’t read it.

  35. Cyndi says:

    So happy to read your post. congrats on the new opportunities coming your way. A big way to go for your stand for the things in life that are really important. I still wear my Ensberg Astros jersey with pride.

  36. Erika Everett says:

    I absolutely love this post Morgan! I came across it sorta late, but I still love it just as much as I would had I read it as soon as Manny retired! The way you express your beliefs with a complete honesty that you can’t fake. Proud to say you were an Astro for most of your career!

    • Erika Everett says:

      Oops! After the sentence “The way you express your beliefs with a complete honesty that you can’t fake” … I mean to add “is such an inspiration to me and so many others” … haha 🙂

  37. That may well be the most profoundly stupid thing I have ever read. I am embarrassed for you. You’re welcome.

  38. Ben says:

    Man that was awesome. By the way, did you have a nickname for your baseball glove?

  39. Generally I don’t learn article on blogs, however I would like to say that this
    write-up very compelled me to take a look at and do
    it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great article.

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